Marco Chapman – white, age 31

Sentenced to death in Boone County, Kentucky
By: A judge
Date of crime: 8/23/2002
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Chapman, a family friend, went to the Marksberry home to rob them. Chapman then tied Carolyn Marksberry up, raped, and stabbed her repeatedly. Carolyn survived by playing dead. Chapman then proceeded to kill her two children, Cody Sharon, 6, and Chelbi, 7; Courtney also survived by playing dead. Initially, Chapman explained to the judge he wanted to fire his attorneys, plead guilty and be executed. The judge refused to accept the plea because he determined Chapman was not competent to represent himself.
Prosecutor(s): Linda Tally Smith
Defense lawyer(s): John Delaney
Sources: The Cincinnati Post 10/22/04 (2004 WL 90036634), 10/23/04 (2004 WL 95910776), 12/15/04 (2004 WL 90040214)

Fred Furnish—white, age 29 (re-sentence after an appellate reversal)

Sentenced to death in Kenyon County, Kentucky
By: A jury
Date of crime: 1998
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Furnish committed a home invasion burglary/robbery during which he strangled 66-year-old Ramona Jean Williamson. He also pleaded guilty in another case to a home invasion burglary/robbery/ strangulation of 70-year-old Doris Bertsch.
Defense lawyer(s):
Sources: Cincinnati Post 7/20/02, 6/3/03; Cincinnati Enquirer 3/25/04