Clay Barrett – white, age 47

Sentenced to death in Hall County, Georgia (venue moved from Towns County)
By: A jury
Date of crime: 8/4/2002
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Barrett had been drinking all night with his best friend, Danny Leon Youngblood, at Barrett’s estranged wife’s house. Youngblood did several uncouth things which led to a fight in which Barrett gouged him severely in the eye and beat him. As Youngblood was staggering to his truck to leave, Barrett shot him execution-style. In aggravation, the prosecution proved that Barrett had a history of violence. Barrett claimed that the killing was at least partially in self defense.
Prosecutor(s): Stan Gunter, Jeff Langley
Defense lawyer(s): Greg Valpey, Lee Parks
Sources: Telephone conservation with prosecutor Stan Gunter 9/29/2005.

De’Kelvin Martin – black, age 29

Sentenced to death in Fulton County, Georgia
By: A judge, Martin pled guilty and waived a jury for the penalty phase
Date of crime: 10/1/2002
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Martin was living with his girlfriend, Tykima Wright, when he came home late one night and stabbed her three times. He then stabbed her 12-year-old son, Savion Wright, and her grandparents, Ila and Travis Ivery. Tykima Wright survived the attack and was prepared to testify against Martin. Martin pled guilty to felony murder, murder, aggravated sodomy, and robbery. During the penalty phase Martin waived his right to a jury trial and the defense argued Martin was mentally ill and using drugs and alcohol at the time of the murders. After Martin was sentenced to death, the defense claimed the judge implied she would sentence Martin to life in prison if he pled guilty, but the judge denied this allegation.
Prosecutor(s): Paul Howard, Ron Boyter Defense lawyer(s): Tom West
Sources: Atlanta Journal and Constitution 3/25/2004, 1/5/2005, 1/7/2005, 1/8/2005

Dorian O’Kelley – white, age unknown 

Sentenced to death in Chatham County, Georgia
By: A jury
Date of crime: 4/11/02
Prosecution’s case/defense response: O’Kelley and Darryl Stinski killed an electrician and raped and slit her 13-year-old daughter’s throat.  A witness testified O’Kelley said it was just for his pleasure.  Defense attorneys did not deny the charges, but said O’Kelley was not responsible for the murders because of his mental health problems.
Sources: Fox 28 TV (Accessed 3/2/06)

Nicholas Tate – white, age 21

Sentenced to death in Paulding County, Georgia
By: A judge
Date of crime: 12/01
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Tate and his two brothers admitted to killing Chrissie Williams and her 3-year-old daughter.  The plan was to steal methamphetamine from the victim and her husband, but when they shot the victim with a Taser gun the victim fought back, instead of going unconscious.  After the murders the brothers fled the state and kidnapped another woman.  Tate pled guilty to the murders.
Sources: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12/20/05(LEXIS, USPAPR file); The Augusta Chronicle 12/20/05 (LEXIS, USPAPR file)

Gregory Walker, Jr. – black, age 23

Sentenced to death in Camden County, Georgia
By: A jury
Date of crime: 6/9/2001
Prosecutor’s case/defense response: Walker and his cohorts rented a motel room where Janeika Murphy worked as a maid. Murphy used her universal key to sneak into their room and steal drugs and money. After Walker and his cohorts discovered it was Murphy who robbed them, they went to Murphy’s house and kidnapped her. They drove her to a rural area, shot her seven times, and left her body there. Walker was one of two shooters. The defense contested guilty by arguing there was a lack of physical evidence and testimony in the case was not credible because it came from convicted felons or drug dealers. The defense did not call any witnesses because they claimed the prosecution did not make a case.
Prosecutor(s): George Turner Jr. Defense lawyer(s): Richard Allen
Sources: Florida Time-Union (Jacksonville) 1/25/2005, 1/27/2005, 1/28/2005, 1/30/2005, 2/1/2005