Lisa Chamberlain—white, age 32 

Sentenced to death in Forrest County, Mississippi, after change of venue from Warren County
By: A jury
Date of crime: March 2004
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Chamberlin and her co-defendant Roger Gillett, who was her boyfriend, had spent several days with Linda Heintzelman and her boyfriend Vernon Hulett.  Gillett and Hulett were first cousins.  Chamberlin and Gillett then decided to rob the other couple of the contents of the safe in their home.  Hulett died of blunt force trauma to the head, and Heintzelman died of multiple injuries that included stabbing, blunt force trauma, and asphyxiation.  In a videotaped confession, Chamberlin admitted to giving Gillett a bag he used to smother Heintzelman.  After the murders, Chamberlin and Gillett transported the bodies to Kansas where the police found them in a freezer at an abandoned farm while they were searching for drugs.  At the penalty hearing, a jailhouse informant testified that Chamberlin had showed no remorse about the murders.
Defense lawyer(s):
Sources: Memphis Commercial Appeal 8/5/06 (2006 WLNR 13639834)

Kristi Fulgham – white, age 26

Sentenced to death in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi
By: A jury
Date of crime: May 2003
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Fulgham was convicted of killing her estranged husband during a robbery attempt at his home.  Fulgham’s half-brother, Tyler Edmonds, was also convicted of the crime.  Since he was only 13 at the time of the murder, he received a life sentence after being tried as an adult.  Defense called no witnesses and rested their case immediately following prosecution completed their case. Defense counsel called for a mistrial during sentencing because the bailiff had left his Bible in the deliberation room and the jury asked to keep it.
Prosecutor(s): Patricia Faver, Frank Clark Defense lawyer(s): James Lappan, Stephanie Mallette
Sources: Memphis Commercial Appeal 5/14/03 (2003 WLNR 8896958); Associated Press 12/10/06 (Westlaw)

Eric Moffett – black, age 19

Sentenced to death in Hinds County, Mississippi
By:  A jury
Date of crime: 1994
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Moffett raped and killed five year-old Felicia Griffin.  He was dating Griffin’s mother at the time. Moffett was initially charged with the murder, but was released when no forensic evidence was found. The case was reopened in 2002 because of advancements in DNA evidence. Moffett said that he returned home to find Griffin bleeding in the master bedroom. He claimed that she was killed by an intruder.
Prosecutor(s): Rebecca Mansell Defense lawyer(s): Dan Duggan, Andre de Gruy.
Sources: Associated Press 2/26/06, 2/27/06

Terry Pitchford – black, age 18

Sentenced to death in Grenada County, Mississippi
By:  A jury
Date of crime: November 2004
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Grocery store owner Ruben Britt was shot numerous times inside his store. One of the murder weapons was Britt’s own gun that he kept at the store for protection. Eric Bullins, Demarcus Westmoreland, and Quincy Bullins were also involved in the crime. Britt’s gun was found in Pitchford’s car at the time he was arrested. Defense response was Pitchford did not commit crime.
Prosecutor(s): Clyde Hill           Defense lawyer(s): Ray Charles Carter
Sources: Associated Press 12/9/04; Prosecutor Clyde Hill