Robert Langley Jr. – white, age 44 (re-sentence after an appellate reversal)

Sentenced to death in Marion County, Oregon
By: A jury
Date of crime: 1998
Prosecution’s case/defense response:  Langley was convicted and received death sentences for the murders of Anne Gray and Larry Rockenbrant. Rockenbrant’s body was buried underneath a garden on the grounds of the Oregon State Mental Hospital, where Langley was residing. Both convictions were overturned because the jury was not allowed to hear mitigating evidence during the Gray case, and evidence was presented on the Gray murder during the Rockenbrant murder trial. At the first retrial, Langley was given life in prison for the Rockenbrant murder and a death sentence for the Gray murder. The Oregon Supreme Court again overturned the death sentence conviction in 2000, ruling the judge should have allowed the jury to consider giving Langley life in prison without parole. Langley has fired the four different attorneys who were appointed to represent him and the court also fired his attorneys at another instance when they were accused of stalling. Langley refused to participate in the latest trial stating he was not granted attorneys to his liking. Langley is thought to have tortured and killed eight other people.
Prosecutor(s): Matthew Kemmy Defense lawyer(s):  Langley defended himself
Sources:  Portland Oregonian 10/15/05, 11/1/05, 1/16/06; Associated Press 2/4/06