Lemaricus Davidson – Black, age 26

Sentenced in Knox County, Tennessee
By: a judge upon jury recommendation
Date of crime: January 2007
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Davidson led a group of four that raped and murdered Channon Christian (age 21) and her boyfriend Christopher Newsom (age 23). The group kidnapped Christian and Newsom. Newsom was shot to death. Christian suffocated after being choked and shut in a garbage can. The defense provided information about Davidson’s childhood which included being raised by a drug-using prostitute mother, and sexual abuse from a teenage boy.
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Corinio Pruitt – Black, age 24

Sentenced in Shelby County, Tennessee
By: a judge upon jury recommendation
Date of crime: August 2, 2005
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Pruitt beat to death Lawrence Guidroz (age 79) during a carjacking. Pruitt had been spotted in the stolen car, but escaped once police caught up with the vehicle.
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Henry Lee Jones – Black, age 39

Sentenced in Shelby County, Tennessee
By: a jury
Date of crime: August 23, 2003
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Jones robbed, strangled, and slit the throats of Clarence James (age 82) and Lillian James (age 67). Jones himself testified during the trial talking about how he was a “broken man.” During sentencing the defense showed evidence that Jones was often beaten as a child.
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