Michael Alan Jauhola – White, age 28 (re-sentence after trial judge vacated first death sentence)

Sentenced in Ada County, Idaho
By: a judge after waiver of jury sentencing
Date of crime: April 16, 1998
Prosecution’s case/defense response: While incarcerated in the Idaho Maximum Security Institution for a voluntary manslaughter conviction, Jauhola repeatedly struck fellow inmate John Alfred Williams (age 38) in the head with a baseball bat during an exercise break.  Jauhola signed a waiver acknowledging he was aware the judge had found a “statutory aggravating circumstance beyond a reasonable doubt” that qualified him for the death penalty.  Additionally, he waived his right to be sentenced by a jury.
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Darrell Edward Payne – White, age 34 (re-sentence after appellate reversal)

Sentenced in Ada County, Idaho
By: a jury
Date of crime: July 6, 2000
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Payne was found guilty of the first-degree kidnapping, robbery, rape and first-degree murder of Samantha Maher, a student at Boise State University.  Payne abducted Maher at gunpoint as the newlywed headed to class.  He forced her into her car, handcuffed her, drove to a different location and then raped and shot her.  Afterwards, he drove to his home near Nampa and dumped Maher’s body in a concrete drainage tank.  Payne was found two days later at a Motel 6 in Eugene after calling his wife to tell her he had overdosed on aspirin in a suicide attempt.
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