Jeremiah Jackson – Black, age 29

Sentenced in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
By: a three judge panel
Date of crime: June 2 – June 18, 2009
Prosecution’s case/defense response:  Between June 2 and June 18, 2009, Jackson accumulated 40 criminal charges, as to all of which he was found guilty, including aggravated murder, attempted murder, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, felonious assault, robbery, theft and having a gun after a felony conviction.  He faces an additional 176-year sentence for the other crimes.  Moreover, Jackson was free on bond awaiting trial for several violent crimes at the time of the shooting.  Tracy Pickryl (age 38) was shot at the coin laundry where she worked during the robbery, in addition to two others who were shot but survived.  The case included three co-defendants who were accomplices in the crime spree, however Jackson acted alone in the murder: Maurice Harrison (age 31) was sentenced to 21 years in prison; Katrina Dickerson (age 24) got 8 years; and James Dixon (age 24) got 24 years.
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Anthony Kirkland – Black, age 38

Sentenced in Hamilton County, Ohio
By: a jury
Date of crime: May 4, 2006 – March 7, 2009
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Kirkland was convicted of four counts of murder, setting each of the bodies on fire and raping or robbing each victim during a near three year killing spree.  The victims included Casonya Crawford (age 14), Esme Kenney (age 13), Mary Jo Newton (age 45), and Kimya Rolison (age 25).  Kirkland received 70 years to life for the murder of Rolison and Newton.  Likewise, he received the death penalty for the murder of Casonya and Esme.  Kirkland’s defense argued that his childhood was a tragedy due to being abused by his father and neglected by his mother.  However, testimony by a 16-year old girl who Kirkland offered money for sex ensured he received the death penalty.  Additionally, Kirkland served 17 years for the murder of Leola Douglas in 1986 after she denied his sexual advances.  Douglas’ body was also burned.
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James Mammone III – White, age 35

Sentenced in Stark County, Ohio
By: a jury
Date of crime: June 8, 2009
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Mammone was found guilty of the shooting murder of his former mother –in-law Margaret Eakin (age 57), and the knife slayings of his children Macy (age 5), and James IV (age 3).  Defense attorneys argued Mammone was severely beaten as a child by his father, who eventually left.  Authorities stated the reason behind the killings was an attempt by Mammone to punish his ex-wife after their recent divorce.  Moreover, prosecutors pointed to the facts that Mammone broke into the home of Eakin and that both children were under 13 as aggravating circumstances.  During the trial Mammone’s attorneys called no witnesses nor did they challenge any of the evidence or testimony presented by the prosecution.
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Calvin McKelton – Black, age 31

Sentenced in Butler County, Ohio
By: a jury
Date of crime: July 2008 – February 27, 2009
Prosecution’s case/defense response: McKelton shot Germaine Evans Sr. to prevent him from testifying about seeing him strangle his then girlfriend, Margaret Allen.  McKelton received the death sentence for Evans’ murder.  He received 15 years to life in prison for Allen’s killing.
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Gregory Osie – White, age 47

Sentenced in Butler County, Ohio
By: a three judge panel
Date of crime: February 14, 2009
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Osie was found guilty of aggravated murder with a death penalty specification, as well as charges of aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and tampering with evidence for trying to stage the crime scene as a botched robbery.  Moreover, Osie stabbed David Williams (age 53), a witness in another criminal investigation, after Osie went to his residence to confront him about a money dispute involving his girlfriend who was Williams’ business partner.  Williams, who was disabled due to debilitating tremors, was stabbed ten times and his throat was cut twice.  Defense attorneys claim the killing was fueled by a night of cocaine use.
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Mark Pickens – Black, age 20

Sentenced in Hamilton County, Ohio
By: a jury
Date of crime: June 1, 2009
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Noelle Washington (age 19), her son, Anthony Jones III (age 9 months), and her godchild, Sha’Railyn Wright (age 3) were killed by Pickens after Washington told police that he had raped her.  Prosecutors charged Pickens with two weapons charges, rape and three counts of aggravated murder.  They contended the motive behind the killings was to prevent Washington from testifying about the rape allegation and then to prevent Sha’Railyn (who knew him by name) from identifying him.  Further, they argued Pickens had violent tendencies, remarking that he was already facing a 31-year prison sentence for allegedly shooting Anthony Jones II, the father of Washington’s child, three months earlier.  Jones survived the shooting but authorities were unable to arrest Pickens because of a lack of help and cooperation of the community.  Pickens was also accused of being extremely controlling and regularly abusing Washington.  Pickens denied committing the shootings and begged the jury to spare his life claiming he would never hurt anyone, much less a child.  Defense attorneys urged for Pickens life to be spared, claiming there were no credible witnesses, Pickens had cooperated with the authorities and the 17-hour jury deliberation suggested they had questions about the case.
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Ashford Thompson – Black, age 23

Sentenced in Summit County, Ohio
By: a jury
Date of crime: July 13, 2008
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Thompson shot police officer Joshua Miktarian (age 33) during a routine traffic stop.  Thompson claimed the killing to be in self-defense.  Thompson was found to be guilty of two counts of aggravated murder, one count of escape, two counts of resisting arrest, three counts of tampering with evidence and one count of carrying a concealed weapon.  Two of the nine charges for which he was convicted carried with them death penalty and firearm specifications.
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Hersie Wesson – Black, age 50

Sentenced in Summit County, Ohio
By: a jury
Date of crime: February 25, 2008
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Wesson was charged with three counts of aggravated murder with various death penalty specifications; three counts of attempted aggravated murder; two counts of aggravated robbery; illegal possession of a weapon; and tampering with evidence.  Moreover, Wesson was found guilty of the stabbing murder of Emil Varhola (age 81) and the attempted murder of his wife, Mary (age 77).  The couple knew Wesson as a former neighbor and had given him food and money in the past.  Prosecutors contended that Wesson had broken into the home to steal a gun to shoot his girlfriend who had broken up with him.  Wesson stole a wallet and jewelry from Emil Varhola’s body as well as a gun before fleeing the scene.  Wesson maintained a claim of self-defense during the trial.
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