Timothy Hennis – White, age 26

Sentenced in Fort Bragg, U.S. Military
By: a military jury
Date of crime: 1985
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Hennis was convicted of the rape and murder of Kathryn Eastburn and her two daughters, Kara (age 5) and Erin (age 3).  Although Hennis’ first trial concluded in 1985 with a conviction, the North Carolina Supreme Court called for a retrial stating that the testimony was weak.  In 1989, the second trial ended in an acquittal.  However, DNA technology had improved in the years since then and a subsequent test linked Hennis to semen found on the body of Ms. Eastburn.  While Hennis was barred from being tried again in state court because of double jeopardy, his case was still eligible to be heard by a military jury, which occurred.
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