James Kahler – White, age 47 

Sentenced in Osage County, Kansas
By: a jury
Date of crime: November 2009
Victim: Karen Kahler, 44, Emily Kahler, 18, Lauren Kahler, 16, Dorothy Wight, 89
Prosecution’s case/defense response:  Kahler entered the home of Wight and proceeded to shoot dead his estranged wife, daughters, and her grandmother.  The prosecution argued that two aggravating factors—multiple murders and particularly heinous murders—demanded the death penalty.  The defense presented evidence that none of the murders taken alone were particularly heinous; in fact, they were in quick order and Kahler immediately fled the scene leaving his son alive.  The defense argued that Kahler was suffering severe mental instability.  The prosecution countered that Kahler wanted revenge on his estranged wife for filing for divorce and having an affair, his daughters for backing the divorce, and Wight for not pushing against the evil of divorce.
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