David Anthony — white, age 52 (re-sentence after appellate reversal)

Sentenced to death in Maricopa County, Arizona
By: a jury
Date of crime: 2001
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Anthony was convicted of killing his wife, Donna, and two stepchildren, Danielle Romero (age 14) and Richard Romero (age 12). They disappeared on July 7, 2001, while on their way to the airport for a trip to Columbus, Ohio. Their bodies were later discovered in 2005 in barrels at a Buckeye construction site. Anthony was first convicted before the bodies were found, but that conviction was reversed on appeal. In this retrial he was again convicted and sentenced to death. However, Anthony died of natural causes in December 2012, only three months after this second death sentence.
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Michael Carlson — white, age 53

Sentenced to death in Pima County, Arizona
By: a jury
Date of crime: 2009
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Carlson was found guilty of kidnapping Kenneth Alliman (age 49) and Rebecca Lofton (age 52) and burning their bodies in trash pits. Carlson had been living with the couple rent-free. The victims were last seen on May 25, 2009 when leaving for a vacation. Carlson was arrested on an outstanding warrant on June 16, 2009. At the time of his confession, Carlson also admitted to shooting his sister, Maria Thoma (age 51) in 2003. The victims’ bodies were found on June 22, 2009 in fire pits on the property. Carlson claimed he killed the couple because he believed they were stealing from the family who rented the property to them. Prosecutors pointed out Carlson’s past criminal history, as well as the fact that he was on parole at the time as aggravating factors. Likewise, defense attorneys portrayed Carlson as the victim of a dysfunctional family and brutal Texas prison system.
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Andre Leteve — white, age 38

Sentenced to death in Maricopa County, Arizona
By: a jury
Date of crime: March 31, 2010
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Leteve was found guilty of the murder of his two sons, Asher (age 1) and Alec (age 5). After shooting his two sons, Leteve tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide by shooting himself in the chin. Defense attorneys argued the crime was committed out of a reaction to enormous stress (financial problems and divorce) and was not premeditated. They also argued Leteve was mentally unstable and taking a large number of prescription medications. However, prosecutors supplied three suicide notes Leteve left his wife when he learned she was divorcing him after discovering he had an extensive history of sleeping with prostitutes.
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Shawn Patrick Lynch — white, age 39 (re-sentence after appellate reversal)

Sentenced to death in Maricopa County, Arizona
By: a jury
Date of crime: March 24, 2001
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Lynch was convicted of stealing stereo equipment from James Panzarella before binding his arms and hands and cutting his throat in his home. Lynch and his co-defendant, Michael Sehwani, then made several purchases using the victim’s credit cards and checked into multiple motels where they were apprehended. Lynch’s first death sentence was reversed due to an improper jury instruction.
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