Robert Blurton – white, age 44

Sentenced to death in Clay County (after change of venue from Benton County), Missouri
By: a jury
Date of crime:  6/7/09
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Blurton entered the home of his uncle and aunt—Donnie and Sharon Luetjen—bound them and their teenage granddaughter Taron Luetjen—and shot and killed them, then stole money and other valuables including arrowheads.
Sources: Targeted News Serv. (U.S.) 6/18/13; Kan. City Star 8/19/13.

Jesse Driskill – white, age 30

Sentenced to death in Laclede County, Missouri
By: a jury
Date of crime:  7/26/10
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Driskill was burglarizing the home of Johnnie Wilson (age 82) and his wife Colleen (age 76) when they arrived. Driskill shot and suffocated Johnnie, and raped and shot to Colleen to death. He then attempted to burn their bodies, but the accelerant did not ignite. Driskill had a long criminal record. The defense presented mitigating evidence that Driskill suffered from panic attacks, anxiety disorder, and bipolar disorder. Additionally, he had experienced an abusive childhood, a defective “low” MAOA gene that allegedly made him more prone to violence, and a substance abuse problem. He also did well in a structured prison environment.
Sources: KOLR10 News online 8/23/13; Lebanon Daily Record (Lebanon, Mo.) 8/23/13, 11/6/13; US Official News (Pak.) 8/27/13.

David Hosier – white, age 54

Sentenced to death in Cole County (by a jury brought from St. Charles County), Missouri
By: a jury
Date of crime:  9/28/09
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Hosier had developed a romantic relationship with Angela Gilpin while she was separated from her husband Rodney. Angela and Rodney began trying to reconcile their relationship. Hosier lay in wait outside Angela’s apartment when Rodney came to visit and sprayed the two of them with bullets. Angela died from 6 wounds and Rodney died from 4. Hosier also had a conviction for kidnapping and beating a former girlfriend. The defense presented mitigating evidence that Hosier had been deeply affected as a child by the murder of his police officer father. Hosier was diagnosed as being afflicted by recurrent depression with psychotic features.
Sources: Jefferson City News-Trib. (Jefferson City, Mo.) 10/26/13, 10/27/13.