Robert Holland – white, age 43

Sentenced to death in Lincoln County, Arkansas
By:  a jury
Date of crime:  12/07/2012
Prosecution case/defense response:  Robert Holland was already serving a life-sentence without parole at Cummins Prison when he tied his bed sheet into a noose, waited for his new cellmate to fall asleep, and then strangled him.  Matthew Scheile, 22, was serving a 48-month term for failure to register as a sex offender from an original conviction of sexual indecency with a child and sentence of 5-years’ probation in Cleburne County in 2010.  Holland was convicted of capital murders in 1991 and refused to have a cellmate, which brought on disciplinary actions from the prison staff.  Scheile was found dead 12-hours after Holland agreed to have a cellmate.  The jury took only twenty minutes to reach its decision.
Sources:  Pine Bluff Commercial 7/11/2014

Latavious Johnson — black, age 30

Sentenced to death in Lee County, Arkansas
By:  a jury
Date of crime:  01/20/12
Prosecution case/defense response:  Latavious Johnson, who was serving life in prison, for killing his father, was sentenced to death for stabbing a 47-year old guard, Cpl. Barbra Ester.  Ester, working at an east Arkansas Regional Unit, ordered Johnson to hand over his shoes.  The shoes were not prison-issued and the investigation was to see if they were authorized or considered contraband under prison regulations.  Johnson stabbed Ester in the stomach with a sharpened piece of metal from an air-conditioning vent.  Johnson admitted, “I was not meaning to kill her though … My condolences and apology means little.  I still ask for the forgiveness of her friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones.”
Sources:  Associated Press Alerts 1/22/12, 3/14/12, 11/07/14