Richard Roszkowski—white, age 40

Sentenced to death in Fairfield County, Connecticut
By: a jury
Date of crime: 9/7/06
Prosecution case/defense response: Roszkowski carjacked Holly Flannery (who was either his neighbor or his ex-girlfriend—news reports vary) and her 9 year-old daughter Kylie and forced Holly to drive him to where Thomas Gaudet lived. There Roszkowski killed Gaudet, put Holly in a headlock and shot her to death, and then chased down Kylie and shot her to death as she pleaded for her life. Roszkowski received a death sentence for the murder of Kylie, and life sentences for the murders of the other two victims. The defense presented evidence that Roszkowski suffered from mentally illness, specifically that he was paranoid delusional. Inasmuch as Connecticut abolished the death penalty for crimes after a certain date in 2012, Roszkowski may be the last person to be sentenced to death in Connecticut.
Sources: Connecticut Post (Bridgeport) 5/23/14, Hartford Courant 5/23/14, Record-Journal (Meridan) 5/23/14