William Gibson – white, age 54

Sentenced to death in Floyd County, Indiana
By: a judge after the defendant waived jury sentencing
Date of crime:  April 2012
Prosecution case/defense response:  William Clyde Gibson strangled, killed, and then buried Stephanie Kirk, 35, in his New Albany, Indiana backyard.  This was his second death penalty sentence, as he received his first in the fall of 2013, for the murder of family friend, Christine Whitis, 75.  Kirk’s broken body was found in April of 2012, days after the police found the mutilated body of Whitis in Gibson’s garage.  Both victims were sexually assaulted after they were killed.  Gibson was additionally sentenced to 65-years in prison after pleading guilty to the 2002 murder of Florida beautician, Karen Hodella, who was found in Clarksville, near the Ohio River. His plea came shortly after jury selection, which led to testimony on his sentencing.  In Gibson’s defense, his attorney cited his history of alcoholism, his bipolar disorder, and his “remorseful” confession. The judge disagreed, citing Gibson’s prison tattoo, “Death Row X3,” inked on the back of his head.
Sources:  The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky) 8/16/2014; 2014 WLNR 22535235