Larry White—age 25, black

Sentenced to death in Jefferson County, Kentucky
By: a jury
Date of crime: 6/4/83
Prosecution case/defense response: On June 4, 1983, Pamela Armstrong was raped and murdered. Her murder went unsolved until 2003 when detectives began reviewing DNA evidence that linked Larry White to the crime. In 1985, White was convicted of similar crimes involving the rape and murder of Yolanda Sweeney and Deborah Miles. All three women were killed in a similar manner—two shots to the back—and dropped within the same few blocks in what prosecutors characterized as a “killing field.” Since White’s crime was committed in 1983 he was eligible to be sentenced under then-existing Kentucky law, which meant the jury was able to consider a sentence of death—it took them an hour and a half to impose the death sentence.
Sources: The Messenger, July 29, 2014