Jeremiah Bean – white, age 25

Sentenced to death in Lyon County, Nevada
By: jury
Date of crime: 5/10/13 and 5/13/13
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Bean killed Robert and Dorothy Pape on May 10 at their home. Bean killed Eliazar Graham on May 13 and killed Angie Duff and Lester Lieber at Duff’s home on May 13. The defense attorneys tried to argue that Bean should not be given the death penalty due to his unstable childhood, drug abuse, lack of intelligence, gang influence, and assistance with the investigation. Bean’s other charges included burglary with use of a firearm, grand larceny of a stolen vehicle, first-degree arson, robbery with use of a deadly weapon, and burglary to obtain a firearm.
Source: Reno Gazette-Journal 8/12/15 (2015 WLNR 23926200)

Ralph Jeremias – Asian, age 24

Sentenced to death in Clark County Nevada
By: jury
Date of crime: 6/7/09
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Jeremias went with his friends, Carlos Zapata and Ivan Rios, to Paul Stephens and Brian Hudson’s apartment to buy marijuana and wanted the possessions in the apartment. So Jeremias used a handgun to kill Stephens and Hudson. Zapata made a deal with the prosecutors for a lesser punishment in exchange for agreeing to testify at Jeremias’ trial. Rios was acquitted of the murder and robbery charges. Jeremias claimed that Stephens and Hudson were dead when he arrived and he took marijuana, a wallet, and laptops before leaving the apartment.
Sources: Las Vegas Review-Journal 6/22/12 (2012 WLNR 13200752), Las Vegas Review-Journal 11/6/14, Las Vegas Review-Journal 11/10/14