David Bartol – white, age 42

Sentenced in Marion County, Oregon
By: a jury
Date of Crime: 2013
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Bartol was incarcerated while awaiting trial for a robbery. He was very angry because his former co-conspirator was talking to investigators. So he lashed out on a random inmate, Gavin Siscel. Bartol braided threads of his uniform and used it to saw through a plastic tote bin to make a shank then sharpened it by rubbing it on concrete. Bartol stabbed Siscel in the eye and Siscel was taken to the hospital and died 5 days later. Bartol had a violent history including an arrest record spanned almost three decades and included attempted murder, robber, and assault. The defense attorneys argued that Bartol should not receive the death penalty because he was intellectually disabled, and had a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder since his mother drank and did drugs throughout the pregnancy.
Sources: Statesman Journal 11/11/16 (2016 WLNR 34641636)