Tam Minh Le – Asian, age 42

Sentenced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
By: a jury
Date of Crime: 8/26/14
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Le was a member of a “Born to Kill” gang. He and other gang members held Vu Huynh and Viet Huynh hostage after the two allegedly gambled away $100,000 that they were supposed owed Le. A third man, Tan Voong, arrived to bring $40,000 to try to free the brothers, but Le was not satisfied. Le and the gang members took the three men to another location where they were bound with zip ties. The three men were then stabbed and beaten then tossed into the Schuylkill River. The two brothers were found dead with their legs weighted down with tar buckets, but Voong survived and was able to identify Le. The defense urged jurors to spare Le because he had three children who loved him and would miss him.
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