Jonathan Renfro—white, age 27

Sentenced in Kootenai County, Idaho
By: a jury
Date of Crime: 6/5/15
Prosecution’s case/defense response: Renfro shot and killed a police officer who was patrolling a residential neighborhood. The prosecution presented evidence that Renfro had attacked several jailers and inmates. The defense presented evidence that had a terrible childhood, head trauma, and used drugs; and presented another inmate to testify that Renfro would not be dangerous in prison because he only stood up for himself rather than instigating violence.
Sources: Bonner City Daily Bee (Sandpoint) 10/28/17 (2017 WLNR 33699239), Coeur d’Alene Press 11/5/17 (2017 WLNR 34633857)